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The heart can think of no devotion Greater than being shore to the ocean -- Holding the curve of one position, Counting an endless repetition. -Robert Frost


It is has been rewarding to be part of an international organization founded to develop volunteer service/"friendship with a purpose" among dedicated and distinguished women.

Friendships are close relationships based on trust, support, loyalty, communication, and understanding. I believe that we all need friends in our lives, and I place great value on my friendships.

I am most passionate about people, and define myself as a humanist. This passion fuels an insatiable desire to travel, and learn about the arts and cultures of the world. And it has inspired my educational, community service and professional endeavors as well.

I participated in the American Field Service program, and lived with families in both Bayonne, and Paris France. I received a BA degree in art history, and studied watercolor painting in Japan.

I served on the board of Shelter Inc., and I am currently serving on both the Communication and Education committees of the Greater Boston Association of Realtors.

My capacity to empathize, problem solve, communicate effectively and think creatively have contributed to my professional successes in both non-profit program management, and the sales and marketing of residential real estate.

My hobbies are an extension of my passion for all things human. I love to sing, dance, act, make clay pots, play tennis, take yoga classes and more.

My favorite color is purple, because it is powerful. Purple is created when red and blue, the warmest and coolest colors are combined. It is believed to be the ideal color.

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