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McLeod Barnett

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Myron Barnett
October 28
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Publishing - Journals Director at MIT Press

No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow


I am very proud to be a Link and especially to be a member of the Middlesex County Chapter. It’s been rewarding to be part of organization made up of a group of accomplished and dynamic women of color who are striving to make positive changes in the local level as well in as the national and international arenas. Some Middlesex events that come to mind which I’m particularly proud to have been involved with include the Jennifer Holliday concert and the recent 20th anniversary gala. Currently, I serve on the Executive Board as Corresponding Secretary. In previous years, I held the positions of Membership Chair and Financial Secretary.

I joined the chapter as a daughter of a Link. My mother, Dorothy McLeod was a charter member so I’ve known many of the women in the Middlesex Chapter since I was a little girl. My mother pressed me into service for several events so I’m pleased to be able to say that I was working for Links before I became a Link. I remember in particular, being a croupier for one of the Chapter’s casino fundraisers back in the early 80’s! The friendships I’ve formed in Links have become even more important since the death of my mother. I’m the only female in my immediate family (no sisters or daughters) so it’s always gratifying to spend time with my Middlesex Link Sisters. It sounds trite but friendship to me means accepting the entire package. You need to be able to take the good and the bad traits that make up everyone’s personality.

One thing most people don’t know about me is that I when I was 10, I won a Boston area fashion contest sponsored by the now defunct Jordan Marsh Company. It was an annual contest that selected a dozen 10 to 12- year old girls (the Jody Jordan Fashion panel) who were featured in Jordan Marsh ads and fashion shows for a year. My one and only claim to fame!

My favorite color is aqua because it reminds of summer and it’s the same shade as the Caribbean Sea. My favorite activities/hobbies are spending time with my “boys” (my father, my husband and my two sons, Philip and Ethan), going to movies (I love old movies!), reading, seeing live performances (theatre, music, and dance) and traveling.

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