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Jazz and R&B vocalist and entrepreneur, Retired Chairman, Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, and Administrative Judge for Workers’ Compensation

Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.
-Theodore Rubin


Links sisters have enriched my life through their special friendships. We are sisters in the broadest sense of the word, supporting each other during the tough times and celebrating each other’s accomplishments.  Blessed and privileged, we give back to our community. Because of this sisterhood, I have also been embraced in social circles in other cities.

Friendship is unselfish and non-judgmental. It celebrates your successes. It is respectful and confidential. It is there for you without your asking, and it is nurtured even in your absence. Friendship is caring, loving and resilient. Tried and true friends and newer friends are blessings, and should be nurtured. My best friend (and love) brings me joy.

I am passionate about my son James. I pray for the wisdom to guide him properly so that he will make wise choices, fulfill his dreams, and become an independent and spiritual man.

I am also passionate about encouraging people to explore their God-given talents and find their purpose and joys in life. I am a home body, and family is my priority.

I enjoy traveling, dancing, playing Scrabble, and entertaining at home. I love to walk along the beach. I sing professionally and for pleasure. I am learning how to play Bridge, and I plan to play more golf. I really enjoy home improvement projects, and enjoy advising others.

For color: I love off-white with sequins because it is elegant

Middlesex County