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Studying Together


The Middlesex County (MA) Chapter of the Links, Incorporated, under the leadership of Eastern Area Director Shuana Tucker-Sims Phd, is a strong supporter of the 14 HBCUs in the Eastern Area spanning from New England to Virginia.  Our support falls into two categories: a) providing financial support, as a chapter and as individuals, for HBCUs in the Eastern area; and b) driving awareness, for high school students in the Boston area, of the benefits of attending an HBCU. 

The Eastern Area raised over $125,000 to support HBCUs.  We are proud that the Middlesex County (MA) Chapter was the top contributing chapter, raising $10,420 in 2021 and $7,825 in 2022 towards the Eastern Area HBCU Campaign. 

We provide awareness of HBCUs to Boston area students as follows:

  • Acting as benefactors to send high school students on week-long travel tours to visit HBCUs in the Washington, DC area;

  • Providing HBCU gear to students as incentives for them to research more about these schools;

  • Attending and presenting on HBCUs at local college fairs; and

  • Sharing member created videos on the value of an HBCU education and experience.

Watch these videos from three (3) members of the Middlesex County Chapter of Links, Inc. to learn about the value of the HBCU experience.

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