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Hunger and Food Disparity Community Service Project

650 Pounds Of Food Delivered To The Community!

Due to the impact of the pandemic on our communities, in February 2021 the Middlesex County Chapter of the Links, Incorporated embarked on a community service initiative to address hunger and food disparities in our communities. In order to serve our community in a socially distant and safe manner, the Chapter supported the 'Community Fridges in and around Boston' or a nearby food bank.  The concept of Community Fridges expanded during the pandemic, which were initially developed to help fill the gap for members in the community with food insecurities.  Large refrigerators are placed at specific locations throughout Boston and operate on a "take what you need, give what you can" basis. Twenty-eight members of our Chapter donated 650 pounds of food to Community Fridges and food banks during the month of February.

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